Worlde W8807A de 2ª Mano

Worlde W8807A de 2ª Mano

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Piano Digital Worlde W8807A de 2ª Mano. Oferta: 175€

Strong multifunctional LCD system with large-screen display in many languages, which makes selecting and editing parameters much easier.
153 voices, including 128GM voices and 25 Chinese folk instruments.
100 popular accompaniment styles. Each style has it’s own intro & main(A, B), variation and ending.
32 styles & 32 voices for rapid choice.
9 percussion groups, a Special effect group, including a group of Chinese traditional percussion instrument.
Great combination with direct selection and digital search.
Graceful piano shape design and soft LCD backlight make the piano more luxurious.
Be able to create digital effects like reverberation, chorus and 3D stereo with various diversification.
22 demo songs, making great contribution to lifting your performance leve.
Be able to record at most 5 user songs, and they could be played repeatedly.
Panel registeration function could save your beloved panel settings and each setting can be recalled whenever you want.
MIDI function makes your digital piano able to connect to any other standard MIDI devices.

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