Korg N364 de 2ª Mano

Korg N364 de 2ª Mano

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WorkStation Korg N364 de 2ª Mano

Sound generation method: AI2 (Advanced Integrated) Synthesis System, fully digital
Sound source: 64 voices, 64 oscillators (single mode)
32 voices, 64 oscillators (double mode)
Keyboard: 61 notes, with velocity and aftertouch sensitivity
Waveform memory: PCM 8 megabyte (430 multisamples + 215 drum samples)
Effects: 2 digital multi-effect systems, 47 effects
Programs & combinations: [ROM] 200 programs + 136 GM programs, 200 combinations
[RAM] 200 programs, 200 combinations
Drum kits: [ROM] 4 drum kits + 8 GM drum kits
[RAM] 4 drum kits
Arpeggiator: 5 types, 4 octaves
Internal sequencer: 10 songs, 100 patterns, maximum 32,000 notes, 16 tracks, 16 timbres (dynamic voice allocation)
Patterns (RPPR): 100 patterns, 10 pattern sets, 60 pattern assignments per set
Controllers: 4-direction joystick, value slider
Outputs: 1/L/MONO, 2/R, 3, 4, headphones (stereo mini jack)
Disk drive: 3.5 inch floppy, HD and DD
MIDI ports: In, out, thru
Display: Custom LCD with backlight
Power supply: AC, local voltage
Power consumption: 11 W
Accessories: AC cord, Preload program disk
Dimensions: 1076.4 (W) x 338.3 (D) x 106.1 (H) mm
Weight: 10.9 kg

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